Thursday, July 19, 2012

My First Formal Job @ SLINGSHOT

After a month of career hunting and endless phone calls, e-mails and DISAPPOINTMENTS. I finally found a job that is most likely not my "thing" but turned out to be a total F-U-N and exciting JOB! :)

Yes! you've read it right. I already left an early indie film career and tried honing some of my skills in a creative agency like SLINGSHOT DESIGN STUDIO. :))) Wondering what kind of work Im in? Don't be surprise.... promise???

OKAY! Here it goes... I am an account executive/ coordinator @ Slingshot Design Studio Inc.

Well, my first week at work was already a crucial situation because the company is meeting deadlines  from different clients and creating Final Artwork and such. But, my work mates were very supportive and friendly that they are guiding me every step of the way.

credits to ATE KAREN : "Thanks for patiently teaching me the so-called paperworks... Your such an angel"

Let's get back to my story!

I have learn lots of things... When i say "lots", it really means a lot my dear friends. I don't know if Im over reacting but those things that I have learn for a week doesn't even taught in my previous school/ university (or maybe im not listening to my professors).

Things I've learn in a week's time:
1. How to fill up a transmittal form.
2. How to create a contact sheet in ADOBE BRIDGE
3. How to use illustrator properly
4. How to photocopy and scan
5. How to create a schedule sheet for a shooting
6. How to create S.O and J.O for billing
7. How to create a copy for the client's products (P.S. should be generic, easy to read, understandable and short)---  this for me is very hard because I like fancy words and doodly word stuffs.
8. How to talk with a graphic artist
9. How to properly proofread
10. How to tell the artist the proofread copy/material

SEE!!! I've learn a lot... ( Im being redundant)
And the most exciting part ladies and gents! It was my first time to be in a shooting with an air-condition. If you have read my past blogs, my experience in indie film was quite exhausting because of the location and the temperature. But don't get me wrong, that experience was very rewarding and a treasured moment. 

These are some pictures from my first formal job:

THIS WEEK IS A FULL AND FUN WEEK! Can't wait for the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years. 


  1. Congratulations! LOL on the Contact Sheet in Adobe Bridge part. I just never understood how to use that thing. Yeah and talking to a Graphic Artist/Designer is different compared to other people. Especially programmers like myself.

    Good luck though!

  2. Thanks :)) goodluck to all of us :) bwahaha :))

  3. Yeeehhhaaaaaa!!! kaya pala dina kita mahuli huli sa Bloggers--way to go girl--proud of you...Hugs...

    1. uu nga po eh.. ILL CATCH UP with you!!! Speaking of which! Ill check out your blog nga! :)) yeay!!!