Tuesday, August 21, 2012

500 Days of summer VS. 770 days of agony

500 Days of SUMMER----To be honest I don't really liked that film but somehow, somewhere deep inside my inner core (That's kinda weird actually) something tells me that it isn’t a bad film after all.

"500 days of summer tells us about love between two human beings who once adored and charmed each other but their unnamed or unexplained relationship wither as time passes by."---That was just a personal opinion about the movie though, but I think that was or “is” the world's meaning of reality. Time is always an issue that would either break or make any real-ationship.

Is time really that important? Can it really make or break any relationship that a person has? I thought these kind of things only happens in movies. The boy will go away, the girl will be left behind and then either of the two will have a miserable life and then at the climax of the story the characters will decide to move on and reinvent their lives. And then, after 2, 3 or 4 years they will see each other and then its like they rode a time machine that turned back time to when their love all started. Those times when they were friends and fell in love. Their first valentines, christmas, birthdays and anniversary together. Times when they use to sit along-side and gaze at each other’s eyes and tell how much they deeply love the creature opposite them. After they reminisce their times together, they will kiss and then they will live happily ever after.
(SUPER MAINSTREAM ‘someone’ would definitely say.)

HOW ABOUT THIS STORY? A girl and a boy met each other at a very “untimely” moment? The situation isn’t really like a fairytale or “the love at first sight” thingy because they didn’t practically fell for each other instantly. The Guy (being a fickle minded one) liked another girl but end up with a different girl. The different girl unintentionally made the guy fell for her (at least that’s what she’s told) at a short period of time. The different girl and the Guy didn’t have so much in common but they loved each other. To make the story even more complicated “THE GUY” will leave her in about a month or so. The Different Girl’s world was crashed and she can’t do anything about it but to bare 770 days of agony and despair away from the GUY she loves.
(The question is, can they make it? If you are the writer or the director of the film how can you make the story work? It’s not like “DEAR JOHN” of Sparks for the love of the world! THE GUY AND THE DIFFERENT GIRL hasn’t spent lots of memorable times together to have the TIME MACHINE kind of moments… They will be apart for a very long time with very little memories in hand…Can they make it?)

Well, if I am going to continue writing that story I will do anything in my capability to make their love story work. I will write day in and day out, revise, proofread and if I have do it all over again… I WILL! Just so I can make their story prevail in all time.
770 days of agony will be a story much more romantic than twilight. Much more magical than Harry Potter series, more adventurous than Dan Brown’s novels and will try to be more inspiring and loving than Coelho or Sparks’ masterpieces.

I may sound ridiculous and dreamy in that perspective. But being in love is not about making their story perfect. It’s about making their story work even with unimaginable inspirations and materials. If in the story of 500 DAYS of SUMMER, the relationship didn’t work as expected, doesn’t mean that all love stories should end up tragically. Even if movies and novels keep insisting that love will fade in time, doesn’t mean that we all should give up trying. Even if time and distance is the great enemy, doesn’t mean that we should always raise the white flag and make ourselves prisoner of loneliness. Love doesn’t count miles or hours apart. Love counts on faithfulness and honesty.

Maybe while you’re reading this you’re expecting more of a critique for the movie 500 days of summer. But I am sorry to disappoint you and your expectations, because this is a love story bound to be told and I am just making a POINT.

 “500, 600, 700 , 800 or 1000 days… IT DOESN’T MATTER! Yes many things can happen! Many things can change. But true love should never be affected by NUMBERS”--- Christine Isabel Donato. (It feels unethical to quote something you’ve personally wrote… But what the heck! IM IMMENSELY INSPIRED, IN LOVE and EXCITED TO FACE THE PRESENT and THE FUTURE hahahaha)  


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  2. yeah, when i watched 500days of summer, i didn't really like it either, except of joseph gordon hewitt. :> and you are quite the dreamer when you say that love is bound to work; even if this isn't always the case it's nice to strive towards something great. :D


  3. More like the one day I saw 500 days of summer was the 1 day of agony! ;)
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  4. Most relationships end with a - hmm i love you but not in that way and - i just wanna be friends . Hmm i don't think i've actually stayed friends with many ex's they have usually annoyed me so much anyway to have split in the first place. Enjoyed reading your blog x

  5. I love this film- your take on it is very interesting!

    Think we'd get along!