Sunday, June 3, 2012

A certified alumna! FINALLY!

After four years of hard work and heartaches, finally I DID IT! If you'll ask me what I have learn during those four years in college? I would say, "I LEARN HOW TO BECOME INDEPENDENT... Yes, I have family, professors and friends around me but in reality I have to work for myself and they're only there to support my endeavors. Good thing there's papa GOD who gives me strength to keep me going.

This award is dedicated to my Big brother Bobby Ralp for supporting me throughout my college years. You are truly an inspiration. To my family, daddy, gabo, kuya jp, tito dan, tita lai, tita vic, tita mel, who also supported me and gave me reasons to strive and be the best that I can be. To the whole Donato, Juan, Celestino,Revilla, Cruz (my bestfriends family), Pargas- Del Agua (oyong and ate cham's family) and Torres (kuya ali's family) thank you for being an inspiration you're all a blessing from GOD and I will never stop thanking HIM for that. To my friends, rachelle, aldrin, rose anne, joel, jm, kuya ali, vira, hazel, the whole block 401 and masscom society in Adamson, whether good or bad memories I wanted to say that you're all for keeps! you're all the best! :)) I Love you all!!!

The reason behind my success is not my skills nor my "awesomeness" (HAHHAHA LOL JOKE). The reason why I survived my college days is because of my supportive family, friends and ofcourse GOD. I got hurt and failed so many times, but they were always there to tap my shoulders and tell me "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT", even if wounds and scrapes from the harsh reality is evident in my being. You guys never gave up on me even though I myself is ready to give up on myself. That's why I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration in this dark and crazy world that keeps me moving on. I could never repay your love and all the hard works you put on just to help me finish my degree, but I promise you guys that I will do my best to succeed and be a daughter, sister, friend and classmate that you'll all be proud of. Thank you for riding with me in my journey, but this is not the end my dear... We are going to have a roller coaster ride and I would like you to accompany me! hahaha Again, I love you all and Thank you

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