Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OROS directed by Paul Sta. Ana

A film by Director Paul Sta. Ana...

A story of an illegal saklaan operation which is headed by Makoy the middle-man, his brother Abet the errand boy and Linda the home owner. Together they arranged a fake wake so that they can generate money in the saklaan that involves paying the barangay captain and police officers grease money (called biyak-biyak) to prevent them from impeding the saklaan’s continuous operation. Gamblers earn their keeps through various games of chance (tong-its, mah-jong and sakla). The consequences finally catches up and made Makoy, Abet and Linda's lives fall into ruin. 

(sorry for the synopsis, I made it my own based on the story hehehe)

--Please support this film and all the other indie films that will be shown in CCP for the 8th CINEMALAYA PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL on JULY 20-29, 2012. Our production team made this movie and we hope you'll like it. (YES!!! you are right, I am part of the team who made this! YEY! so proud) hahahaha :)

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