Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ma. Christine Isabel R. Donato

“You spilled it!!! You get me another one!”  The little girl shouting
 “Well, Get up and try to get yourself another one!”
“But it might spill again…” The little girl replied.

Imagine a little girl crying over a spilled milk and his big brother laughing hard about it. The boy started teasing and the little girl continued cursing and crying.  We may judge the brother as evil and despicable and sympathize with the tenuous little girl who had her eyes flooding with tears. But when we look at the brother’s intention, he actually laughs uncontrollably not just because of the funny scene in front of him but because he thinks that it is silly to cry over a spilled milk whereas the little girl could probably stand and get another milk rather than wasting time in crying and blaming. 
We are like that little girl, anxious and weary, blaming and complaining. And as simple as the story goes, that’s how we treat life. We blame others for our misfortunes and pretend like it was never our fault. We cannot even survive a day without finding an excuse so that we can save ourselves from the shame of our real inadequacy. The safe zone is always our dwelling place and the risk zone is an impossible detour. We tried all the easy stuff and skip the hard stuffs; we pick the colorful stones and throw the dull ones. We dreamt of becoming a doctor or a scientist but our intellect says otherwise, so we end up choosing the second best or worst we choose the least best. We get tired and give up easily even if we are destined to do greater things. Everyone undergoes a process, a process that both requires and demands for patience and actions. And our patience fails because we do not appreciate hardships and ignore wisdom from errors. We count our mistakes rather counting our successes. We quit when TIME is opposing and we wait for another chance that is unsure to come.

A coach can never know which “game play” to perform without knowing the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their own weaknesses. Whether we like it or not, life is a trial and error. The tragic truth is that, we win some and then we lose some it’s just a matter of perspective because a true winner gains even if he loses. Blaming doesn’t make you look smarter and stronger; it only makes you look pathetic in so many ways. Admitting our weaknesses is never a sign of inferiority but rather a sign of nobility in identifying one’s self and glorifying God’s beauty and kindness. No one achieves greater heights in life without risking anything and believing in something. Sometimes when time gets tough we tend to give up and accept that life without hope and inspiration is a rubbish and meaningless life. But, amidst those tough times comes a brighter morning and despite frailty and doubts shines a wiser being.

Trials were not made to punish us but to mold us and equip us for a bigger plan. A life that is indescribable and unfathomable is a life full of disappointments and uncertainties. Sometimes in order for us to see the stars we should embrace the dark. And whenever we stumble and flop like the little girl, we need to listen to those taunting voices and turn it into our own offense.  Remember that if we fall three times we should stand up five times. Life is never easy and we have to keep on moving, because if we stop trying then we stop living.


  1. I think, blaming others from our failures and mistakes is a sign of maturity, as the saying goes, don't cry over spilled milk, instead of crying , just move on and do something....I know it's not always easy but just keep on trying, that's my motto....keep writing...

    1. Yes I agree! Thanks for reading. Good to know that you are one of those people who keeps on trying! DONT GIVE UP!!!!! HAve a nice day