Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Photo shoot (but ofcourse I'm not the model)

Its my first photo shoot ever in my life! Special thanks to my models Nadine Mecate and the guy whom I don't know (sorry, I'll ask your name and promise to memorize it next time). At first Im quite skeptical and unconfident to do a photo shoot with my dorm mate Nadine because deep in my heart I know that I am just a beginner  who is desperate to be a so-called "PHOTOGRAPHER". 

Well, to be honest I never imagined myself a photographer because I'm a "photomyself: addict and loves taking pictures of myself and upload it to my facebook. But thanks to my loving big brother who bought me a dslr for christmas that made me want to take pictures besides myself. It gave me a new hobby! ahahaha...

NOW!!! I just don't want to be a simple writer. I want to be a WRITER/PHOTOGRAPHER/DIRECTOR in the future! I don't have a single idea how to become these three, but I'm sure gonna find out real soon!!! (pray for me guys... :-* )


  1. Don't be too modest. You can't expect to be a photographer OVERNIGHT, it must be the first shoot for others to follow :) Give yourself time for improvement and soon you'll feel more confident behind the camera.

    One question about the pictures, do you use manual or autofocus?

  2. I use manual focus :)) Thanks for your comment Ann Buht, I will practice more so that I will be more confident in the future. :D Thanks for visiting my site :D

  3. They're great, I wish I could be your model, one day....;) wink....keep it up...

  4. I'd be glad to!!! Contact me and maybe we can have a photoshoot someday. When we're free