Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memories in a Box

While I was cleaning my room I've come across to some old letters I received during my elementary, high school and college days. My dad would definitely say that it is just going to be a bulk of trash in my room and I should dispose it as soon as possible. But, I decided to keep it or maybe try to reminisce and visit that road down to MEMORY LANE.

Since I am the only girl in the family, I never felt what it is like to have a younger or an older sister. And so I was excited when I got into college and have the opportunity to stay in an all female dormitory. I told myself that I can't wait to get close to them and share secrets with them, which I haven't experienced because all my brothers would be so disgusted for sure.              

 It was really a blessing to have room mates who are christians, passionate and on fire to serve and to praise God. Through their never ending support and encouragement, my walk with Christ is now a lifetime bliss.

THESE ARE THE LETTERS THEY GAVE TO ME AFTER I TOOK MY VICTORY WEEKEND!!! Victory weekend was my life-changing experience that totally woke me up from 
the harsh lies that the world engaged me in. 


 These letters are from Rachelle and Rose anne. We were tasked to give a christmas card to whomever we want in our Spanish class. They both decided to give me their creation and I felt special! Even though its an assignment I was thankful that they chose me to be the lucky receiver (hahaha). THEY ARE SUCH SWEET GIRLS and I treasure them deep in my heart. Upon seeing these cute letters I almost cried because I miss them so much, especially when we talk while Senior Escoda is lecturing in our Spanish Class and then get frustrated 'cause we don't understand any of his talks (or should I say SERMONS). We always end up listening to each other's sentiments and try to give advices that we ourselves cannot apply to our own selves. HAHAHA! Ironic isn't it. BUT I LOVE THESE GIRLS AND I MISS THEM SO BADLY.

Awww.... These are also my girls VIRA, HAZEL and JM. They are my close friends during first year college and second year. But schedules got into our way and we kinda go our separate ways, new "barkada", "groupie" or whatever you wanna call it. They gave me this letter on my 18th birthday but Jm failed to attend  my party (was a bit hurt but of course its all gone now). These girls taught me so many things about life especially when it comes to friendship. They made me realize that friendship is never about the proximity or the time we spend with each other, but rather a time when we aid a friend in need, sharing both happiness and loneliness without regrets and loving a friend sincerely that  no words can ever express. We might not get along sometimes but these girls never failed to make me feel that I am loved! :)


I received this poem last year on my 19th birthday, from my co-inter Mhel Lopez. A very kind, sweet and smart guy who is also shy but funny when you get to know him. This poem is excellent! Maybe he can be a playwright or a great writer someday! HAHAHA GO,GO, GO! This poem made me feel appreciated and I am very grateful and honored that some people sees my potentials and my unique individuality. 

" I still have lots of letters in my memory box, but I don't want to cry like a baby. So, to all those people who once received letters from friends, family and loved ones... Keep it and you'll never know, maybe someday it may strike something very important in your heart and remind you to keep following your dreams because some people actually believed in you. Someday you're going to remember all those people who have faith in you more than you have faith in yourself. It wouldn't hurt to be all mushy and sentimental, its a memoir that reminds us that we are loved despite our imperfections"


  1. These are really nice mementos, they are worth keeping,I never throw away letters and cards from love ones and friends, it's nice to be nostalgic once in a while...

    I love to keep them, I had loads of them in the loft...including my old diaries.

    1. That's good to know. Sometimes it reminds us of the good old days and inspires us to do better in the future.

  2. interesting post!!! I like your blog :) YOURS!

  3. wow!
    very nicely woven blog and post.
    Our letters bring not only the childhood memories, but the forgotten faces of our friends and their eternal presence in us.
    very fabulous styling of blog writing. very awesome.
    keep blogging..

    1. Thank you Musadhique :)) Im glad you like it. Im just a beginner and positive posts like yours inspires me. :D

  4. you are creative bloggers.
    Hey, what should i call you? Christine or Isabel? or Donato? :D

  5. You can call me isabel. SORRY FOR HAVING TOO MANY NAMES. hahaha

  6. That's verryy sweet. Nice post!
    Happy Blogging to you

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