Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jayeslee's concert in Manila

Jayeslee Live in Manila
The twin sisters Sonia and Janice Lee are going to tour Manila on 21st of June 2012 (Thursday).  The twins, a fully blooded Koreans who livein Sydney, Australia made their debut in the music world last 2008 through YouTube  under the account name of Jayeslee(combining their nicknames) and made 12 million hits on the song “Officially Missing you” cover.
Having incredible voice and guitar talent, the road to stardom wasn’t far-fetched for these talented ladies, because in 2010 they had their debut concert in LA. Since then, the duo have already pursued their career and toured in different parts of the world. Who would believe that once upon a time they were just sharing their talents for free in youTube. After a few years they are no longer just performing inside their bedroom singing, THEY ARE NOW STEPPING INTO CONCERT STAGES, PERFORMING AND SELLING TICKETS WORLDWIDE. Janice and Sonia have made appearances in various radio/television shows throughout Asia such as “Day Day Up”, “E! News Asia”, “Quickie” and the “MTV show. A modern Cinderella story some might say.
The two really have inspired lot of people through their voice, faith and undeniably charming personalities. So, Let us not miss a fairytale like experience! Don’t forget to watch JAYESLEE On June 21, 2012 (Thursday) 7:30pm at 3rd Floor Robinsons Forum (Pioneer). Be mesmerized!

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